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Why work with us

I’m Mike Koziol and I specialize in finding the most efficient strategies to build, grow and conduct business.

Business Improvement

I review current company practices and tactics to determine which areas need to be improved, as well as help with the creation of creative approaches to aid in the establishment and achievement of organizational objectives. I help businesses stay on track.

Strategic Plans

I develop strategic plans that help reach company goals and targets and improve profitability. I analyze existing business strategies and practices and provide recommendations for improvements.

Products Development

I support the development of products and marketing strategies, providing direction and motivating staff to complete new projects and implement new tactics.

360-Degrees Expertise

15+ years of experience working in Fortune 100 and online business world in various leadership roles. To date, I've helped save millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

How we work



We start by analyzing your current situation - financials, sales, team setup, team performance, marketing, organizational setup.



We recommend solutions tailored to your goals and experience you want to have from running your business. You receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings and practical recommendations.



We help you execute the plan we recommended. We will work with your team or help you hire a new one. We will ensure the project is delivered on time and achieves the promised results.

Case Studies and Results

I specialize in scaling businesses in a sustainable way, building efficient teams in fast-growing companies/startups, mapping opportunities, quick and lean execution of strategies that stay on budget. 

The client: A Marketing Agency Startup

Results: Doubled Profits in 10 months

The client is a marketing agency with offices in the UK and New Zealand.  Our cooperation started at the beginning of the pandemic.

Challenge and Goals

The client was looking to double the revenue and see if it was possible to be done in an efficient way without the need to double the size of the operations and organizational chart.

The CEO wants to be more hands-off, and be able to focus on growing the business and not operating the business. She also wanted to find a way to “bulletproof” the business model by coming up with a new service her business could offer to the target market. 

Framework and Actions

We audited the situation, the goals and the current gaps in client's strategies and operations using the Revenue Masters Review Process. We implemented the Leaky Bucket Model and the Tesla Beta Program Model to build and launch a new products. 

We tweaked the organizational structure and helped with hiring and placing new staff members. We then changed the pricing strategy to achieve higher profitability. We helped designing the new offering and the go-to-market strategy.


The revenue doubled in approximately 10 months during COVID with a stable and increased profitability. The new product/service was created and launched, bringing a second stream of income for the company. The CEO was able to remove herself from the daily operations following the introduction of the new team structure.

The client: An Ecommerce Growth Consulting Startup

Results: A new, profitable business unit in 2 months.

The client is an ecommerce growth consulting startup offering media buying, creative strategy and production services.

Challenge and Goals

The goal was to optimize and stabilize their current operations and achieve higher profit margins..

Historically, there’s been issues with organizational chart efficiency (overpaid wrong people in a wrong role).

The sales and marketing was delivering great results, but operations were not optimized, which resulted in sales “breaking” the operations and slowing down the growth. 

The CEO wanted to ensure he is operating the business in the most efficient way. The client was experiencing unstable and inconsistent delivery of their services and inefficiencies in their sales due to the need to focus on fixing the operational issues. 

Framework and Actions

Reviewing current company practices and tactics to determine which areas need to be improved following the Revenue Masters Review Process.

Implementing the Perfect P&L model, Traffic Lights Client Assessment model, Revenue Masters Pricing strategy,

Optimizing the organizational chart and processes by ensuring the right people are doing the right work. Optimizing the pricing structure and the sales and marketing process to focus on highly-profitable types of clients and projects. Conducted analysis of the market and recommended expanding operations and building a second business unit providing a new type of service.


Restructuring of the organizational chart resulted in improved efficiency and profitability. A new business unit was created - in two months from ideation to implementation and selling services to new clients. The new business unit is profitable since day one (goal was 6 months). 70% profit margin

The client: A Physical Product Startup 

Results: New product launch, go-to-market strategy, entering an international market

The client sells a physical product. Our cooperation started at the beginning of the pandemic.


The client reached out for help with their product launch strategy

The goal was to identify the best product for their existing audience and design and help execute the launch

The next phase was scaling - building the team, adding new products.  Our focus was also keeping the profit margins and staying as lean as possible while scaling and launching new products with a consistent quality

All that at the beginning of pandemic, so changes to consumer behavior and logistical challenges needed to be taken into account.

Framework and Actions

Mapping strategic goals and identifying opportunities for growth.

Building a go-to-market launch and marketing strategy and seeing through the launch of the first product online. Involvement in website design, pricing strategy, product production and offering.  

Once stable, the next phase was scaling and optimization of operations. We added more products to the mix, worked on bundle and wholesale pricing, positioning and distribution strategies. We worked on increasing the AOV and LTV of the product/.client. 

We improved shipping & logistics processes as well as marketing. We also launched a service that supplements sales of the physical product and is a separate, sustainable and profitable business unit.


Profitable operations within 3 months from launching the product. A 5-product family of products available to sell worldwide within 12 months. Distribution centre and operations set up in Europe. Lean, profitable organization. 

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