A SOLOPRENEUR = uses digital leverage to create digital products, such as group programs, courses, ebooks, and guides, which are infinitely scalable beyond the hours invested in their creation. One man. Infinite scalability.

SSK #20: Solopreneur 101: Mastering the Solo Business Game in 2024
SSK #18: Tripwires – your secret weapon to grow online (even if you’re starting out)
SSK #17: How to price your first online course, group program or a new service
SSK #16: The Single Tactic I Used to Increase My Client’s Profitability by 20%
SSK #12: Stop Over-Planning and Start Achieving with Eisenhower’s Matrix
SSK #9: Should you charge low prices and work with more clients or higher prices and work with fewer clients?
SSK #8: Five Questions to Ask Yourself to Optimize Your Service-Based Business (Agency, Consulting, Freelancing, etc.)
SSK #5: The Underrated Power of Solo-Entrepreneurship: Creating a High-Profit, Low-Maintenance Consulting Business
SSK #4: The Consulting Advantage: Why I Prefer Consulting Over a Service-Based Business
SSK #2: Transitioning from a Service Business to a Consulting Business in 10 Steps


Business Strategy

For your business to be successful, you need to focus on the right strategy and not the tactics and the shiny objects. These articles will help you decide what will move the needle in your business.

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