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One of the big mistakes online entrepreneurs make is overcomplicating and overthinking their business. It leads to being "trapped" in your business and feeling overwhelm. The reason it happens is a mix of perfectionism, fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of success, social expectations and lots of BS online entrepreneurs hear online (like making $10k/mo without even having a product). Online entrepreneurs tend to learn and think more than they implement. They tend to be on the consumption side, always looking for the perfect framework, trying to buy the "solution in the box." Instead, what they need to be doing is to be on the production and creation side as fast as possible.

Creating, building and showing the results of your work to the world is how you get the real feedback to see if what you have is a genuine product-market fit. There is no other way to do it.

You can strategize for years and - on paper - you can have the best strategy, but when the strategy meets reality, real progress happens.

I like Mike Dooley's Notes From The Universe GPS analogy. You know how, when you use GPS in your car and punch in the address you want to reach, it will not tell you directions UNTIL you start moving? You need to start your journey to have the GPS tell you if you're going the right direction, if you need to "make a legal u-turn" or make a turn. The GPS won't give you instructions unless you start moving.

The same happens with your business. You need to get an initial understanding of where you want to go, what is the final destination, punch that address in and start moving. As you implement and create, the market will give you feedback and will tell you if you're going the right direction.

Now the tricky part is to look at the feedback as directions and not critique. If you don't take it personally and don't allow the feedback to impact your mindset, you will realize that it is the fastest way to achieve your destination. Yes, there might be roadblocks, detours and obstacles, but what matters is that you don't just sit in your chair and strategize and think about what could be.

Lots of clients I work with are scared of quick implementation because they have this fear of "what if it won't work," "what if I get haters and it blows up my brand," "what if I don't sell anything?". Well, if you don't put it out there, you won't sell anything guaranteed. And unless you're Nike or Apple or Gary V, you don't necessarily have to be worried about the brand you haven't really built yet. Put your content out there, present new offers, test and document what you do.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't strategize. If you're reading this, you know I am all for a proper strategy. What I am saying is that the strategy is worthless without massive action and implementation.

Do the groundwork, identify the destination and start moving towards it. Add that new copy to your website, test a new business model, publish the new offer and product, start that new advertising campaign. Go!

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