Deal with fear and anxiety in 3 steps

Past. Call BS on your projections.

Call BS on your projections of what will happen in the future based on your past experiences. If something happened in the past, it doesn't mean it will happen again. You are an intelligent human being who can draw conclusions, gain insights, and learn from past experiences and mistakes.

Present. Where are you now?

Look where you are now, what you have accomplished, how you have figured stuff out to get where you are. Perhaps it was hard. Maybe it hurt and cost you time and money, but you have come to where you are with your work and effort. When you start to sense that fear in your stomach, begin to hear that voice of "it won't work" and "what if I fail" remember that you have figured it out in the past, and you will figure it out now as well. Whatever it is, you have the potential to figure it out. You are stronger and have more experience than you had in the past.

Fear is an abbreviation of False Evidence Appearing Real. It hasn't happened yet, so don't let something that hasn't happened guide and block you from reaching your highest potential.

If you look at your life and at the stuff that you were stressing about, you will realize that most of it never happened. Even if the odds of the worst-case scenario happening were 50-50, don't let that 50% chance be more powerful than the other 50% of chances of the best-case scenario.

If both situations have the same probability of happening bet on the positive outcome, as this will keep your mindset in a place where you move forward with your head high, feeling the energy and power to deal with any problems that might arise.

If you let fear guide you, you will play small, and you will get stuck in a limiting mindset keeping you from achieving your highest potential. 

Future. Don't dwell. Visualize success.

If you just can't let go of stressing about something and seeing it as a problem, ask yourself this question: when looking back at it from a 6 months perspective, is this, what I now see as a big problem, still going to be a problem? When we're in the moment, even the smallest things might seem like big problems, but if you change the perspective and look at them from a different angle, from a longer distance, you will realize they are not as big as they seem.

This approach also helps to deal with the everyday stressful situations - someone cut you out on the highway, you broke your phone screen? Those are annoying situations that can grow to become problems destroying your day. But are they going to matter in 6months? You won't even remember they happened.

Think about the future, visualize yourself in 6-12 months. You're successful and happy with the "thing" that seems to be a problem fixed. With your business idea implemented and tested. Imagine yourself having more insights and experience and ready to dominate the world.

To sum up:

  • call b.s on your past,
  • remember what you've achieved and don't let fear guide you,
  • don't dwell, visualize success.

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