How to improve your business using customer feedback

Your businessexists to serve clients. Yes, it is there for you to make money, have fun and all that jazz, but you can achieve all that BECAUSE you provide value to your clients.

Unfortunately, sometimes we forget about the relationship between our business and our clients. It leads to falling in love with our products and services. It leads to stagnation and lack of growth because we don't want to change as "this is how we have been doing it for years." It is so visible during the COVID pandemic - so many amazing businesses are stuck in what and how they do. And this unwillingness to change leads them to bankruptcy.

But there is a straightforward way to understand the needs of your clients: customer feedback.

Some entrepreneurs are scared of asking for feedback. It is a mental block and fear of someone judging them and giving them a critical opinion about their work. But in fact, feedback is the best thing that can happen to you and your business. Through feedback, your clients are literally tweaking your product so it fits them better so they, and others like them, can buy more of it. There is nothing wrong with that, right!?

I'm obsessed with feedback - both in my personal and professional life. I ask about how people feel about my work all the time. I want to make sure that I am on the right track and that they are getting what they want/paid for.

In my coaching business (link), I regularly ask for feedback during the program and on the calls. "Is this making sense, how do you like it so far" etc. It helps me course-correct immediately if needed. I use every opportunity to ask for feedback. I prefer if there is an opportunity to talk about it so I can go deeper and understand the needs.

I also have a set of questions I ask at the end of the program. I usually don't ask my students to fill out the form. But I ask them the questions at the end of the program on the call. I do that because I want to make sure I get all the necessary information from them. Again, this is a free program tweaking, so it is better than ever.

For the marketing agency clients, we do ask to fill out the form + video testimonial. If we part ways with the client, we send them the form. If we fire the client, we don't need their feedback. They need ours lol.

Outside of money paid by the client, feedback is the most valuable piece of value from the client.

One thing about feedback is always to filter it and look at it from your POV and your business's perspective and goals. You need to listen to feedback, assess it, and look for patterns. Do people always tell me X? And then compare that pattern to how you want to run your business and what your goals are.

BTW, all my current students are building group coaching programs or online courses. If that is something you're interested in making yourself - shoot me an email at

Having a group coaching program and an online course has been a game-changer for me. For example, Jessie - one of my students - made $9k in 7 days from her first program. Some people work the whole month to make this amount of money. Pretty impressive.

Mike "feedback is king" Koziol

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