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A Gold Pyramid 

A 3-hour group intensive strategy session to build an effective strategy for your business

You Need a Strategy

Without the strategy, you are doing the tactical activities that do not move your business forward as fast as you would've hoped. 

You know exactly what I mean because you are stuck; you experience obstacles and often find yourself not know which way to go. There are so many business models, so many frameworks, tools and "things" to learn, do and implement. You're doing, but it doesn't seem to be bringing the results you want fast enough or at all.

To help combat all that, with all my private clients I use a tool called the goal pyramid. But because they keep telling me it is "gold," we changed its name to the gold pyramid. It's a tool used to unpack your ultimate goal into bite-size pieces and build a strategy for your business you will follow to reach your goals. It's SUPER powerful.

I used to use this tool exclusively with my Revenue Masters Program clients, but now, it's available to a broader audience in a 3-hour intensive sessions that happen once a month.

This is an opportunity to dive deep with an intimate group into all the areas of your business and build an effective strategy for your business. You'll learn how to build strategies for your business, products and offers AND we will build a strategy for your business/offer during the meeting.

Here's how it works

We meet online at a scheduled date & time

You and other participants will meet with me online. Meetings last approx. 3 hours. 

I show you the ropes

In the first part of the meeting I'll teach you how to use the Gold Pyramid

We work on your strategy

In the second part of the meeting we will be working on the individual strategies of each attendee and I will be answering any questions.

As a result of this meeting, you will not only have a strategy build for your business, but you will also learn how to use this powerful tool moving forward. No more questions - what next, which funnel, what to focus on.

Because of the nature of this meeting, the spots for every class is very limited. You can buy access to the next available class by clicking the link below. You're buying access to one class. You can purchase access more than once, but usually one class is sufficient to get your strategy designed. 

Due to a very limited number of spots, I recommend you purchase your access in advance. 

Next available class: Oct 16th.

This is an exclusive community of likeminded people. Access to the Gold Pyramid is by application only. This is to make sure you're surrounded by the best online entrepreneurs with the best mindset. 


Cat Howell

Richard Down

Ariana Cuan

Adrien Edwards

Darren Burgess 

James Key Lim