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Successful Digital Marketing Agency

I help digital agency owners, consultants, freelancers, and coaches increase their sales by 50% or more while maintaining a great work/life balance with my Revenue Masters System.

I help digital agency owners improve their operations and increase their revenue by 50% or more while maintaining a great work/life balance with my Revenue Masters Operating System.

The Revenue Masters Operating System

My Revenue Masters approach is used to identify opportunities to build successful business models and business strategies. It helps gain clarity on what to focus on, what tools to use, how to quickly and effectively reach business goals. 

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"Michal does things differently. It works, and it feels so good - like a breath of fresh air."

What some of my clients have to say

"My revenue grew 2.5x since we started working together. I cannot believe we started working together only 6 weeks ago!"

"I have gained clarity and certainty of belief that I'm pouring energy into the right thing"

"I'm getting so much clarity on what next steps to take in my business and expert advice when making business decisions."

"I love the strategy, tools and mindset work that helps me get the results."

"As solo-preneurs we can feel kind of alone and having likeminded people to talk about business and life and how things are going is really important."

"I’ve had a major breakthrough in the last couple days."

"I made almost $5k in a week following your advice."

"I wasn't looking for a "guru." I was looking to transform my business and gain clarity on the actionable steps I need to take to level up and create a plan to do it. This program delivered. I'm on a strong course to 4x my revenue"

two new offers. clear strategy


2x revenue in 6 weeks

Yee Lin

new team members, $50k in business


Clear growth strategy


Doubled revenue during covid


I run multiple 7- figures businesses. Michal is a gun. Work with him now!

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Here's what I hear from my clients very often when they reach out to me for help:  

"I'm still trying to figure it all out, I've got a lot of knowledge but it is like puzzle pieces i'm trying to fit together. I'd always liked your advice and perhaps you might be the answer I need to getting things right."

"So many models to choose from. So many buzz words…. passive income, recurring revenue, bundles. And how do you ultimately choose what’s right for you and your goals/strategy? What’s really working/not working right now?"

Note: Some people call me a business coach; some call me a business consultant. I've been named an accountability coach, business strategist for solopreneurs, mindset coach, funnel specialist, launch coach... It doesn't matter what they call me. What matters is I'm not here to sell you sh#t. I'm here to get your results.


I worked with over 600 entrepreneurs from various industries. Watch the below video for a mix of various testimonials or scroll down for individual testimonials.

"Over 1.5hrs consultation I was able to do what I have been trying to do for the last 2-3 years."

"Mike can build and implement a strategy for any business owner to become successful online" 

"My mind is blown away by what you can do with your business using these methods"

"What amazes me is Mike's depth of knowledge of marketing across all the platforms" 

"Only 3 tips I got from Mike were enough to get out of trouble"

"We had to pause the ads because the client could not keep up with the orders!"

"Mike is my go-to-guy when it comes to building funnels" 

"Learned so much about marketing in such a short time!"

"I implemented the recommendations and in the first month I made $12,000 in revenue"

Some of the models I use

The Revenue Masters Framework 

Gain clarity on your next steps, choose the best models, do what brings results

Inverted Value Ladder

Focus on what brings the revenue, not on the shiny objects

The Hourglass Brand Building Model

How to build a personal brand online and make money

The Gold Pyramid

Define your business strategy and develop a business model


Identify what is holding you and your business back

DaVinci Scoring

Use your and your team's best talents to reach your goals

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