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The Revenue Masters Framework

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why work with Mike koziol?

Experience Gained Having Worked With 500+ Entrepreneurs

I can mobilize quickly for you, develop a solution that is fully customized and also help keep your costs down.  

Running a larger operation and need to discover new ways to attain goals? 

I can help to look at your situation and come up with strategies and ideas that will fix your current bottlenecks. From business strategy to marketing strategy to full digital transformation of your business.

Owning a small online business and need to improve the results?

Know exactly what to sell, how to sell with the most effective strategy and a business model that works for you. Identify and double down on what moves the needle in your business.

Thinking about starting your own business?

Are you currently employed but considering becoming your own boss and starting a business? There are replicable steps you should take to ensure you are building the right foundations.

about MIke koziol

You'll be working with and tapping into experience of a senior consultant.

The insights I'm sharing with you are used by the biggest businesses out there, companies like E&Y, Deloitte and other big multinational corporations I've had worked with and consulted for.

As a business consultant, I have worked with 500+ online and offline businesses and entrepreneurs what exposed me to a variety of types of business industries, issues, bottlenecks.

I use my experience in working in the digital marketing space, auditing businesses and fixing their bottlenecks to help companies to grow in the most effective way possible.

You'll be tapping into years of experience of a senior consultant working directly on the project for you. 

My clients hire me to challenge the familiar path and to discover new ways to attain goals. I'm asked to come up with ideas for new product features, alternative business directions, and radical marketing campaigns.

I'm employed to make things happen by turning your and your team's thoughts into action. Tackling impossible goals energizes me.

I'm engaged by businesses to generate numerous ways to enhance, upgrade, revise, correct, or revamp their business strategies, business models, processes or action plans.


Discover how my

methods can make a Difference in Your Business

Thanks to my experience, I can help three types of clients:

  1. Those in charge of bigger businesses who need help with strategic management
  2. Those running an online business who need help with fixing any bottlenecks and getting their business to the next level
  3. Those who are in the 9-5 (or left recently) and who want to start or grow their businesses

All my programs have the same Revenue Masters framework, but the application is different, depending on the needs of the client.

If your business was hit by COVID-19, I have solutions for you too.

If you'd like to discuss a custom-made project, please use the contact form an the bottom of this page.


"30 Simple Ways to Bullet-Proof Any Business Idea"

"Is my business idea worth trying?" hear this question quite often. So I wrote a book that goes through 30 different strategies you can test your business idea. It is available in an electronic format (ebook)


Check what my clients say

I wasn't looking for a guru. I was looking to transform my business and gain clarity on the actionable steps I need to take to level up and create a plan to do it. This program delivered. I'm on a strong course to 4x my revenue

Richard Down

Marketing AGENCY 

I run multiple 7- figures businesses. Mike is a gun. Work with him now!

Cat Howell


I 5x'ed my revenue in 5 months since I applied the strategies and approach Mike built for me

Ariana Cuan

online entrepreneur

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