Don't overcomplicate

What we already know

No group program? You're leaving money on the table

  • There are several groups of entrepreneurs who SHOULD look into running their group coaching program. Because if they don’t, they are leaving money on the table.
  • Build leverage in your business to save time and make money
  • The market is not overcrowded (in fact, it is growing), you don't need to be a guru and you don't need to have a signature program

Client A vs Client B. $5k lost and $10k made

Having worked with hundreds of online entrepreneurs, I think the most common mistake they made is overcomplicating their business. They get excited about new tools, funnels and tactics and spend weeks learning and implementing a tool or a funnel that doesn't bring results. And the worse thing is that they do this for the first launch of their new program. That's just crazy, and it never works.

You cannot look at how the big guns launch their programs, deconstruct their funnels and try to replicate that for your own business. It-just-won't-work. Period. You don't have the same program, the same brand, goodwill, audience and experience. So you cannot apply the same approach. 

A few weeks ago, I witnessed an exciting experiment. Two of my private consulting clients were launching their online programs. Client A was following some Marie Forleo launch style funnel I had nothing to do with. Client B did it my way and followed what I suggested. 

Client A spent $5k in ads and prepping funnel. You know, the usual: copywriting, email sequences, ads, Facebook group and all that jazz. 

Client B spent $0 on ads or the funnel. There was no funnel—just one, really basic sales page with some details about the program and a buy button. 

Client A made $900 in sales. The offer did not convert. It was totalling a loss of $4100. 

Client B made $10k in sales. Totalling in…$10k in revenue 😀

The formula

I'm sure you're curious how we pulled it off for Client B. Sure thing, here it is:

Step 1

In a nutshell, you leverage your 1-1 client services to start building an outline of your program. When you work with 1-1 clients you just need to pay attention to what they need and want from you and what you deliver them as a service. What often happens is that when you work with clients, you don't necessarily pay attention to how you deliver your services. You just do it, and they get results. You don't follow a framework. You are the framework. You go with the flow, and your experience and skills guide you. That's why you need to look at what you do from a 3rd person perspective to see how you do what you do. Based on that, you create an outline of your program. 

Step 2

You then offer the beta program to a few potential clients. Perhaps they are not a good fit for a 1-1 service; maybe they don't have the budget. Or, if you don't have clients now, you offer beta to your network/audience. You sell it before it exists. That's how we know the offer makes sense BEFORE we put any effort into building anything. And don't freak out. You're not scamming people by selling before building. You have the outline and the know-how to build it. And if you follow my process, you will deliver everything on time and get amazing results for your students. 

Step 3

You build the essentials of the program, just enough to start delivering it. And you tweak it as you go, based on the feedback you receive from your students. Leverage that feedback loop!

Step 4

You keep gathering feedback, and that helps you make each module better and better. You overdeliver, making sure your students get results.

Step 5

You finish the beta launch with testimonials from happy students.

Step 6

You improve your program, leverage the testimonials, re-launch at a higher price. Rinse and repeat. 

Following these steps, you did not build the program before you knew the offer was converting. You did not spend any money on any fancy funnels, tools, and you did not waste weeks preparing for something that won't fly. 

I always follow these steps, and it allows me to test 4-6 programs a year and choose 1-2 that make sense to put more effort into and scale. I very rarely even have a sales page to start with. I AM the sales page. I might have a simple Google Doc with an outline. And I get new students reaching out to them and chatting with them on Fb/LinkedIn messenger. 

You can build your group program and stop being limited by the cap on your time and cap on your income. You will stop being busy enrolling new clients and not having enough time to enjoy your life. 

Science behind how you build and scale your programs

Having a group coaching program was a game-changer for me. I've had a few of those in the past 6 years. 

There is science behind how you build and scale your programs:

  • Where to start
  • How to identify the skills to package in a program
  • How to structure your program and how to sell it
  • What tech to use, so it is easy to build and doesn't require tens of thousands of dollars
  • How to handle logistics, refunds, terms and conditions
  • How to get and strategically use testimonials from students
  • How to beta test and how to implement the feedback-loop
  • How to get first students in
  • How to price the program and how to structure the continuity plan
  • When to increase prices and by how much
  • Students onboarding and offboarding
  • Best tools to use

I know a lot of people are considering creating a program/course themselves. A group program is your way to help you scale your income, grow your business and free up time in your calendar.

If this is you, if you:

  • Are a service provider who is working with 1-1 clients
  • Have a proven track record in delivering results for your business or your clients
  • Struggle to increase your margins and feel there is not enough time in a day
  • Sound like a broken record (and bored with) answering the same questions and delivering the same type of projects
  • Feel there is a framework, repeatable system that you subconsciously follow to deliver results for your clients
  • You've been dabbling with this idea of a group program but want to make sure you do it the right way from the get-go without wasting time and money on tests

Then the group program is for you.

And you should also know I'm launching a new program 😀 (surprise, lol!) that teaches you everything I know about building, selling and scaling group coaching programs and online courses.

I'm looking for 10 brave souls who want to build their first group program. 

If you're interested and want to see if this is a good fit for you, schedule a call to chat with me to see if this is a good fit for both of us. 

Or click below to apply, and I will reach out to you if it's a good fit. 


  1. 1
    There is a framework to follow to come up with an idea, test, build and grow your group program
  2. 2
    When you build a group program you stop limiting yourself to 1-1 projects, you can scale, save time and make more money
  3. 3
    You don't need to be a guru or have a massive audience to pull it off

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