Mini Digital Courses by Mike Koziol


The World Domination Strategy Game

Finally, build the right growth strategies for your business! 15 videos and 3 hours of strategic content. Comes with 40 pages of a booklet and access to videos, calculators, and templates.


Content Creation Mini-Course

Beat the Algorithm: Tripple Your Organic Reach with Killer Content

- Triple Your Social Media Traffic: Implement a proven 5-step framework for creating high-engagement posts.
- Double Content Output: Discover a foolproof strategy to find inspiration and create a month's worth of content in just one week.
- Never Run Out of Ideas: Utilize our Content Matrix technique to generate at least 50 content ideas in under 30 minutes.
- Automate for Efficiency: Learn how to use top industry tools to cut your content creation time in half.
- AI-Powered Authenticity: Deploy AI strategies that preserve your brand voice while accelerating content production by 40%.


LinkedIn Prospecting

In this training, I'm giving you the nuts and bolts of what it takes to succeed in LinkedIn prospecting.


Custom Blueprint - limited edition

Work with me and get a personalized 90-days strategy to grow your business. 10 spots only!


The Marketing Agency Scaling Roadmap

27 power activities you need to focus on at each growth stage. 5 Modules. 4 hours of ACTIONABLE content.


Your First $10,000 Per Month Online - waitlist

This mini-course is made for anyone wanting to make more money in their business, whether you've been at it for years or just starting out. It's packed with tips and tricks to help you bump up your monthly income to hit those big numbers. Join the waitlist and get it at a discount $99 instead of $159

Build and scale your online business.

Join hundreds of successful online business owners. Every week you'll get 1 actionable tip to build and scale your online business. No weird hacks or gimmicks. I'm sharing actionable and practical knowledge and tips you can implement today to see the results. 

Some examples of results my subscribers achieve:

  • Going from $20k/mo to $100k/mo in 10 months
  • Moving away from 60-hour weeks to working 20 hours in a week and doubling the revenue
  • Increasing profit margin from 20% to 35% in 6 weeks
  • Building a consulting a $250k/year consulting business with 86% profit margin
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