Consultant Academy: 

Break out of the Golden Cage. Be Your Own Boss


  • Consultant Academy is for people who want to break out of the Golden Cage.
  • It is for people who want to take full control of their financial freedom, their professional and personal life.
  • It is for people who want to Be In Charge and who, deep inside, have a feeling that they are not utilizing their fullest potential.
  • It is for people who know they are not entirely free; they don't have full decision power and cannot do what they truly want...
  • ...but who, at the same time, have mortgages, plans and dreams and don't know how to support themselves and their families otherwise.
  • It is for people who want to change something in their life, have more freedom, more fun, more money.
  • It is for people who want to put an end to office politics, unfair performance reviews and toxic work atmosphere.

Does this sound at least a little bit like you? Read on, and you'll LOVE what I have for you below because I have something that will allow you to break the 9-5 chains and finally be free. Let me take you for a journey you will never forget.

STEP 1 - Read the Manifesto: 

Break out of the Golden Cage. Be Your Own Boss

Manifesto: ​

Break out of the Golden Cage. Be Your Own Boss

You don’t have to work for someone else to be successful and financially stable.

What you’re about to read will change your perspective on your career and it will flip your world on its head showing you new ways to think about your future. 

STEP 2 - Continue to read below

I'm going to assume that you read the manifesto. I know, I know - it was on the long-ish side of things.

But wasn't it worth it to learn what a Golden Cage is and what impact it has on you and your family? 

Wasn't it worth it to do the exercises and realize you have so much to experience and how you could leverage that to break out of the 9-5?

And to learn how to deal with all the potential obstacles that could get in your way. 

And how to structure your business idea.

Now you know that working a 9-5 job is not the only way to support yourself and your family. 

That you can be in charge of your life, your decision and your time. 

That you have the skills you can use in your business.

That you have what it takes to Be In Charge.

What you might be lacking are the skills to "connect all the dots" and build the business. But that is where I, and the Consultant Academy, come in.

"In my mind was not really believing that the work was out there and that my skills would be useful, as I was such a cog, that all I really knew how to do was manage the team and politics, not do the actual work and run the business. So realizing that it trained me for running a business and consulting was quite amazing!"

The Product

The Consultant Academy is a hands-on 8-weeks program where we work together on all the aspects of transition in going from being employed to running your own business. 

From identifying your skills, competencies and things you hate doing (spoiler alert: when running your own business you don't have to do stuff you don't like, nobody will force you) to mapping your way out of the employment to strategizing the best business models, business ideas. 

From strategy to tactics. From mindset to technical aspects of websites social media platforms and all that "other stuff" that you have questions about. 

I will be there with you guiding you through the whole process. I left the corporate myself and started a successful business (a business consulting and a marketing agency), and I've been helping others do the same. I will be there for you sharing all my knowledge and experience.

There will be text materials, pre-recorded video lessons, but also lots of opportunities for live interaction on weekly coaching calls. All calls are recorded, so if you have a schedule conflict (because you are still in the 9-5), you will not lose anything. You will have access to all materials and recordings inside the membership portal. 

A business, strategy and marketing course

You will learn so much about business, running a business, business strategy, modern, digital world that you only vaguely understand now as if you were trying to tell how the ice cream tastes just by looking at it through a storefront window. 

I know it all seems so complicated, so distant. It felt like this to me as well. I remember the first time someone showed me how to use some of the online tools. I felt so lost and so small. But I will walk you through this. My clients tell me I have the unique ability to explain and reduce elaborate or intertwined ideas, processes, or action plans to their essential elements that are easy to understand. I got you.

You will learn modern digital marketing. You will build effective marketing strategies - the same strategies clients of my marketing agencies pay thousands of dollars for me to build. Those strategies will help you build your personal brand and get new clients for your new business FAST. 

All of this delivered in a straightforward manner, no B.S, no ties, no fluff. The best business and marketing practices that support starting and growing your own business combined with honest and transparent coaching. 

Truly all you need to make a move outside of the Golden Cage and into Being In Charge. 

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.
~ Farrah Gray

Argh, sorry, you're already hired! So how about we now take care of building your dreams?

Mike Koziol

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