Revenue Masters:

Stop wasting time on things that don't matter. Become a Strategic Entrepreneur.


  • Revenue Masters is for you if you realize that to get results you need to focus on strategy and business fundamentals instead of focusing on tactics and gimmicks
  • It is for people who want to stop focusing on the wrong (vanity) metrics and KPIs and who want to finally focus on what will move the needle in their business and bring results
  • It is for people who are tired of buying new courses just to realize they don't work for THEIR situation
  • It is for people who know it’s time to stop spending time and money on the gimmicks and “nice-to-haves”. It’s time to build their business.
  • ...but who, at the same time, don't know what to focus on and how to build the strategy for their business
  • ...a strategy that will eliminate the long-hours workdays and going to sleep with 60 items on their to-do list
  • ...a strategy that will allow them to align what they are good at and what they want to do with what their business is vs doing stuff they hate just to stay afloat
  • It is for people who want to put an end to the hustle and grind without seeing any results.

If this is you, keep on reading. What you will read will resonate with you and will explain why you've felt "stuck". Ready? Buckle up!

STEP 1 - Read the Manifesto: 

The Missing Piece In Your Business


The Missing Piece In Your Business

What I’m about to tell you is probably the most powerful stuff you’ll be exposed to in the process of starting, running, and growing your business online.

This is stuff nobody tells you about because the industry doesn't care about your success, they care about their own funnels, upsells, and beefed-up bonuses that elevate the price of their programs and drive their cash flow.

STEP 2 - Continue to read below

Now that you're back from reading the manifesto, you understand that having a proper business strategy is the answer to most problems Squirrel Entrepreneurs and Opportunity Seekers have. 

You've learned that the problem you're experiencing is not that you don't have the potential to reach goals. You have plenty of potential. The problem is you have been tricked into using TACTICS that make no sense because they don't form a cohesive system that supports what you want to build. 

You now understand that slapping a few "best practices" together does not equal success. Why? Because business is not linear, it is an effect of multiple elements working together to form one, well-oiled machine. Against what the "gurus" tell you, you cannot just take "the best converting landing page" with "the best scarcity and urgency tools", send traffic to it from Facebook Ads using "the best Facebook ad formula" and combine it with "the highest converting email sequence" and expect all those random elements to work for YOUR business. You just can't. 

And I know how frustrating it is to spend hundreds, tens-of-thousands of dollars on courses and programs, you put all the work in, you put all the excitement and have dreams what is going to happen after you "launch this one funnel" just to realize it did not work. 

I know because I have been there and - through my line of work - I've seen hundreds of people go through the same. All that to say: you are not alone, and, most importantly, THIS IS FIXABLE.

You just need to be more strategic and slow down for a bit to move faster in the right direction. 

Observing hundreds of online entrepreneurs struggle with the same problem was the reason I created the Revenue Masters program.

The Product

The Revenue Masters Program is a hands-on 6-weeks program where we work together on creating a STRATEGY for your business. Revenue Masters is no gimmicks, no B.S program where TOGETHER we go through all the aspects of your business to make it work. 

Contrary to the "guru" approach, we will build the proper foundations FIRST before we move to choose which tactics will fit the strategy. Because if you choose a tactic before having a strategy is like getting on a random plane because someone told you going on vacation by plane is the fastest way to reach the destination.

This program is different because we focus on YOU and YOUR business to make sure you are using your highest potential and that you are building a business that makes sense FOR YOU and serves YOU (and, of course, your clients). Because doing something you don't enjoy and feel overwhelmed by for 60+ hours a week does not sound to me like "freedom of having your own business."


Revenue Masters has 3 main components EXTRACTION - PIAT - GOLD PYRAMID

Extracting Phase

We start by auditing your business and your situation. I call it an Extracting Phase as we’re looking at what’s “below the surface.” This is a vulnerable moment where you need to be dead honest and transparent with yourself (and me so I can help you). If you’re doing shit that doesn’t bring revenue just because you like it, it won’t fly - not on my watch at least.

It’s funny. On one of my Revenue Masters coaching calls, one of the entrepreneurs said: “I identified I like X, BUT wait, don’t worry, I put it in the Pile-Up Zone* and will focus on Y as it also brings me revenue.”

*Pile-Up Zone is our way to stay on track and ignore the noise. Ignoring the noise is hard because you’re going “against the current.”

For this reason, I give my students access to me on Voxer, so that I can beat some “tempting” ideas out of their heads. Ideas like, “should I buy this course”, “there is this amazing new idea”, “I saw a great deal on a tool.”

At the end of the Extraction Phase we have mapped:

  • All past results
  • All skills and competencies
  • All good and bad about their business
  • The current situation and the goal
  • The reasons why they want to achieve the goal
  • The elements that work and don’t work in their business

That’s a lot of uncovered ground. I have been a business consultant and an auditor for years (part of Ernst & Young and Deloitte teams) and one of my superpowers is quickly seeing and uncovering the problems in the business and offering solutions to the identified gaps.

Put It All Together

Now it is time to enter the second phase, the P.I.A.T. (“Put It All Together”). This is where we take all the uncovered pieces of the puzzle and start putting them together into a business strategy and a business model:

  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
  • What is the value proposition - what do we offer and how are we different from others?
  • What are the problems in the market, and how are we solving them?
  • Who do we sell to, and how do we get customers? Yes, we map out the tactics too, but it makes sense as we only apply tactics that support THIS strategy.
  • We score the next steps to identify what to focus on.
  • How do we make money, how much will we make, and how fast will we make it?

Gold Pyramid

The final piece is the Goal Pyramid, but my students like to call it a Gold Pyramid (because, "oh. man! This is GOLD").

This is the final piece of the puzzle. We combine all the learning and all our work into a one-page document that shows your full strategy, with your primary goal, the paths, and all the elements to get there - including to-do lists and tasks you put in your calendar, so you actually implement. The Gold Pyramid is how you build your Bridge To Success.

The Gold Pyramid is what will save your life and your business. Whenever you have an idea, or a new opportunity shows up on the horizon, you can take the Gold Pyramid and compare the new idea with the building blocks you have mapped out. If the idea supports them, great! You can go ahead and implement it. If it doesn’t, it goes to a Pile-Up Zone.

Throughout the process, we always look at three things:

  • How to get customers.
  • What the best products/offers are
  • How to sell

The whole process we employ in Revenue Masters of strategically looking at your business helps to REFINE your existing business and eliminate the unnecessary weight. It also helps DEFINE your next steps, and sometimes it’s like “dropping a bomb” and building from scratch (if we need to) after you realize what you’re doing makes no sense.


Here's what you will have access to:

  • There will be text materials, pre-recorded video lessons, but also lots of opportunities for live interaction on weekly coaching calls.
  • All calls are recorded, and you will have access to all materials and recordings inside the membership portal. 
  • Weekly group coaching calls so you can ask questions if you feel stuck
  • Private Facebook Group to get feedback
  • Access to me via Voxer (voice messaging app) so if you have a thought, idea or a problem you can reach directly to me

You will become a better entrepreneur

Have I mentioned this is a hands-on program? I think I have, but I will repeat this, we will work together on your business. You will be able to ask all questions you might have and I will respond to every single one to the best of my knowledge and ability and will hold nothing back.

You will get access to all my frameworks and experiences from years running my own business, being a business strategist and working in the corporate.

We will work on your business, but - as a kind of a side-effect - you will also learn A LOT about business as a whole, running your own business, business strategy and modern digital marketing.  

I will share with you best practices and what does and what does NOT work in the online business space—having worked with 600+ online businesses, I have quite an extensive experience. I am not saying this to boost me ego (maybe a little bit) but to highlight the fact that it doesn't matter what business idea or industry you're in; I have most likely already worked with a business like yours and can share with you my experience. 

All of this delivered in a straightforward manner, no B.S, no ties, no fluff. The best business and marketing practices that support starting and growing your own business combined with honest and transparent coaching. 

Revenue Masters is all you need to create proper business foundations, a business strategy and becoming a Strategic Entrepreneur.

"You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it. You have to go down the chute."~ Tina Fey

The Revenue Masters is by applications only.

Mike Koziol

Customer Love