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SSK #33: $10k MRR in 16 days. Here's how. 


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$10k MRR in 16 days. Here's how. 

In early January, I launched a new content creation service - a completely unplanned side-gig.

In 16 days, it brought me $10k MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue).

Here's how I did it:

1. Identify a problem.

Every business exists to solve a problem.

Your job is to:
  • find an audience who has the problem and 
  • who is willing to pay for fixing it.
The easiest way to approach it is to fix your own problem and then look for others who are in the same position.

That's what I did.

Approx 12 months ago, I went all-in on LinkedIn. I knew I needed to figure out how to create quality content consistently.

So I studied other creators, hired writers, and other help to help me understand all the moving parts of the system.

I figured it out and built a system that stands behind my Content Engine.

This led to 9k+ followers and getting lots of inbound leads from LinkedIn.

I had a problem: how to write quality content consistently. 
I built a solution to fix it.

2. Find an audience.

Once I had the solution, I asked my network if they had the same problem I had.

I identified 29 people who were a good fit for my solution. This was a great start to test my idea - 18 people were interested in taking a look at what I have built.

I wasn't planning on offering my solution as a service. But with 29 people with the same problem and 18 actively looking into finding a solution, this was a no-brainer.

The next step was to show them my solution.

3. Offer a solution.

To those 18 interested in my solution, I offered a mini-version of my solution - a sort of a trial.

I offered them a content matrix of 100 content ideas and 3 full content pieces, written specifically for LinkedIn.

I ended up writing 2 bonus pieces for a blog and newsletter.

So they ended up getting:
  • 100 content ideas, 
  • 3 LinkedIn content pieces, 
  • 2 blog and newsletter pieces.
I asked for their feedback and improved my systems.

4. Sell the service.

Out of 18 interested in my solution, 10 ended up signing up for my service.

For $1,000/month, they get:
  • LinkedIn profile optimization, 
  • 20 pieces of content.
It took me 16 days from building the solution to signing 10 clients.

While I was getting my system ready, I also recorded a mini-course showing my approach to content creation.

Helicopter view.

If you look at all of it from a helicopter point of view, I monetized all the work I did working on a solution for myself:
  • Standardized my content creation, 
  • Recorded my approach to content creation and offered it as a course
  • Created a more replicable system for content creation, 
  • Offered the content creation as a done-for-you service.

The reason it worked:

  • I identified an important need my market has, 
  • I offered a good, quick, and well-priced solution, $1,000 for 20 pieces is below the going ghostwriting rate; you would normally pay at least $1,500 for 12 pieces, and you wouldn't get strategy or profile optimization. 
  • I didn't pressure anyone, as I built the solution for myself. I was simply leveraging my system to offer it to others.


  1. Identify the problem, 
  2. Find an audience with the same problem, 
  3. See if they are willing to solve the problem, 
  4. See if they are willing to pay for the solution, 
  5. Optimize your delivery and scale.


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