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So, today I wanna let you in on something that's been bugging me.

You know how everyone talks about the freedom of online entrepreneurship?

I get it, it's awesome to be your own boss.

But man, it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

If you're like most freelancers, consultants and agency owners I know, you're hustling like there's no tomorrow.

And that's cool and all, but ...  how is that different from hustling for someone else and forgetting about life outside work?You probably envisioned more freedom and flexibility when you started this journey, am I right?

Here's where most people get it twisted.

A lot of people just focus on the hustle. They work like crazy and think that's the key to freedom. But let me tell you, ignoring the signs of burnout or not planning for the ups and downs in income can seriously mess you up.

You know what's even worse? They work hard on...wrong things

That's why I developed a framework that helps my clients stay focused. I call it "27 Power Activities to Scale"

I built it based on my experience working with over 800 marketing agencies. While the framework is created with marketing agencies in mind, it is applicable to all online businesses.

It's divided into 3 brackets of monthly revenue: $0-$25k, $25k-$50k, and $50k-$100k/mo.

And it shows you exactly what to focus on and when.

If you often find yourself not knowing what to focus on and are distracted by all the shiny objects around you - this framework is for you.

Here's a LINK to access it - FREE.

Once you sign up, be on the lookout for my emails with links to the sheet as well as an walkthrough videos!

Running your own business is a double-edged sword: It can give you the life you want, but it can also trap you in a cycle of endless work and inconsistent income. Let's make sure we stay focused on the things that will move the needle in our businesses!

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...and whenever you're ready, here are a few ways I can help you. If you're still trying to figure things out, I'd recommend starting with an affordable course:

1. The World Domination Strategy Game: a comprehensive tool for online entrepreneurs designed to simplify the process of creating a business strategy. A distillation of the best coaching exercises derived from working with over 800 online entrepreneurs. It provides clear, step-by-step instructions across 14 modules, supplemented with 20+ videos, exercises, files, and templates. The game can be used individually or with a team. The users are given access to additional resources like 40 pages of instructions, assignments, techniques, motivation.

2. The Marketing Agency Scaling Roadmap:Introducing: the 9 CRUCIAL categories and 27 power activities you need to focus on at each stage of growth: $5k-$25k/mo -> $25k-$50k/mo -> $50k-$100k+/mo. 5 Modules. 4 hours of ACTIONABLE content. Milk, honey, butterflies and rainbows and so much more...

3. LinkedIn Prospecting: In this training, I'm giving you the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make LinkedIn prospecting a success. I'm peeling back the curtain to show you exactly how I utilize it, while also sharing my personal insights and experiences from leveraging LinkedIn to secure leads and clients.

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