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SSK #19: Solopreneur Strategies 2024: The Real Deal on Making It Big Alone


Read time: 4 minutes.

Hey there, fellow SOLOPRENEURS! 2024 is our year, and it's all about playing smart, not just hard. So, let's dive into the strategies that are going to take our solo gigs to new heights this year.

They might sound "basic" or like "nothing new", but I've been in this space since 2014 and have worked with over 900 solopreneurs and it all boils down to these strategies. Once you them dialed-in, we can talk about tactical stuff like:

Time Management: Your New Best Friend

Let’s talk time management. We’ve all got the same 24 hours, right? The trick is making those hours count. I’m a fan of the Eisenhower Box – it's a game-changer. Sort your tasks into four boxes and prioritize like a boss. And hey, tools like Trello or Asana? They're like having a personal assistant, minus the coffee runs.

Digital Marketing: Let's Get Visible

Our online presence is basically our shop window. So, digital marketing? Non-negotiable. Make your website a place where clients love to hang out. Social media – it’s not just for cat videos. Use it to engage, share your story, and yes, even sell. Email lists are like gold – treat them right, and they'll pay off. If you're considering launching your first online course, use THIS pricing strategy to get it right. And apply THIS tactic to get free newsletter subscribers

Networking: It's Who You Know (And Who Knows You)

Networking doesn’t mean hitting every event in town. LinkedIn, online forums – these are your playgrounds. Build relationships, not just a contacts list. Remember, it’s about genuine connections, not just collecting business cards.

Stay Sharp and Pivot When Needed

Our world’s always spinning. What worked yesterday might not cut it tomorrow. Keep your finger on the pulse – podcasts, webinars, you name it. Being ready to switch gears is not just smart; it’s essential. I used THIS tool to analyze my clients busines and we increased their profitability by 20%! Check it out!

Customer Experience: Be the Best Part of Their Day

Your clients? They’re your VIPs. Make every interaction with your brand something they’ll rave about. Ask for feedback, and actually use it. Trust me, it makes a world of difference. You can provide a great customer experience and make more money by implementing THIS strategy

Self-Care: Your Secret Weapon

Last but not least, let’s talk about you. Burning the candle at both ends? Not cool. Regular self-care isn’t just nice; it’s necessary. Your business needs you at your best, so take that break, hit the gym, or just chill. You’ve earned it.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it – the real talk on solopreneur strategies for 2024. Time management, digital marketing, networking, staying agile, focusing on customer experience, and self-care – these are your keys to the kingdom. 

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