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SSK #10: Here's why you're not seeing results with your marketing efforts.

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Most online marketing strategies you come across focus on direct response marketing. Direct response marketing operates on the belief that you can reach out to a cold audience and convince a certain percentage of them to buy from you immediately.

While it may sound like a great idea, here's the problem: Only 1-3% of the market is actively seeking a solution that you offer. Your success with direct response marketing relies heavily on your persuasion skills.

In other words, only a small portion of the market is likely to make a purchase from you. As for the remaining 97%, you need to persuade, convince, and "sell" your idea to them. This is no easy task. Furthermore, this approach has additional drawbacks:

  • Since you're not the only one offering a solution, your competitors are also targeting the same 1-3% of the market.
  • Direct response marketing can sometimes come across as sleazy. It's designed to drive immediate purchases through tactics such as guarantees, bonuses, lower prices, limited availability, and countdowns.
  • It requires constant chasing, promoting, and convincing to make sales.
  • It focuses on transactions rather than building relationships or trust.
    - It can be exhausting.

The direct response approach is not your most valuable asset.

In fact, our biggest asset in business is our audience and the relationships we build with them. It's 5x-20x cheaper to do business with your existing audience compared to finding new clients. Additionally, your existing audience can refer you to others.

You attract and cultivate an audience through content. There's no other way around it. No one will follow you just to stare at a blank screen. While you can't control when a customer will buy from you, you can:

  • Consistently show up to stay top-of-mind
  • Build the know, like, and trust factors
  • Become a trusted advisor they can turn to when they need you

Here's a simple four-step framework I use to create content:

  1. Choose one main platform to focus on and one to repurpose your content to (for me, it's LinkedIn and Twitter/Threads).
  2. Select one content format that is easy for you to create and be consistent with (video, audio, written—for me, it's written content).
  3. Identify your audience's problems. Think about the questions you had 2-3 years ago that you would have paid to get answers to. Write about those topics.
  4. Engage in conversations with your audience and larger accounts in your industry (identify 10-20 bigger accounts and comment on their posts daily).

Creating and distributing content will transform your business.

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