World Domination Strategy Game

Online Business Strategy.

Made Simple.

"This is not just a game.
this is a dream product for service-based online entrepreneurs.
this sh*t is powerful"

world domination strategy game: not "just a game"

Everything you need to build an online business strategy


creating a strategy for your online business is not an easy task.

Having clear instructions on how to do it and the right tools will set you up for success

World domination booklet 

10 Strategy boards

70 action cards

First Strategic product for online entrepreneurs. 

 leverages the most powerful techniques and leverages the physical experience. 

no more fomo. no more procrastination. no more shiny objects.

build the strategy and dominate the world.


results. proven techniques

Techniques used with 600+ online entrepreneurs in various live coaching sessions.:

The strategic pyramid , profit maximizer, niching down 2.0,

product-offer formula, sales 3-2-1,  time tracker,

team designer, SOPs redefined, needle movers 

It's as if you had

a business coach by your side

finally know exactly how to build a strategy for your business.

I've worked with over 600 online entrepreneurs and distilled my best coaching exercises to give you an amazing experience.

use the game alone or with your team and build an effective business strategy.

you're not alone

get access to additional resources and a virtual assistant that will guide you through the experience.

world domination booklet

40 pages of instructions, assignments, techniques. and motivation. 

strategy boards

strategizing doesn't need to be boring.

strategically put the boxes on the surface. use your floor, table or a wall. 

action cards

interact with the game and your strategy. brainstorm. decide.

70 reusable action cards 

"It guides you through making a strategic plan in a logical and organized way but it also makes the process fun! " - Vanessa, verified user

World Domination Strategy Game


$199 (save 30%)


  • access to the portal with 15+ videos
  • over 3 hours of strategic content
  • Printout contents:
    • 40 pages world domination booklet
    • 10 strategy boxes
    • 70 action cards
  • access videos, calculators, templates and a virtual guide