Business Coaching & Consulting  

I specialize in helping service-based entrepreneurs sell their knowledge and build consulting, online courses, group coaching and agency business models.

My clients hire me to give them clarity on the best strategy to start, build, grow and improve their businesses. I'm asked to help gain clarity around new products, business models, and marketing campaigns. 

Business models we can build together

Online Courses/Group Coaching

Building an online course or a group coaching program is a highly profitable and scalable business model. I can help develop and build the program with you or work on improving and scaling an existing one.


No matter if you want this to be your main focus or something you do on the side, we can work os building your consulting business. I've been a consultant myself for almost 20 years, and I love this business model.


An agency business model can be challenging: finding clients, managing the team, delivering results for clients, improving margins and strategically growing your business. I can help achieve that while keeping your sanity.

The Revenue Masters Approach

My Revenue Masters approach is used to identify opportunities to build successful business models and business strategies. It helps gain clarity on what to focus on, what tools to use, how to quickly and effectively reach business goals. 

Clear Goals

Stop wasting time and energy . Gain clarity on next steps and focus on what will move the needle in your business

Effective Strategies

Build effective strategies and know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it, so that you maximize your potential

Proven Results 

See results and breakthroughs as soon as one week after implementing the Revenue Masters approach

"Michal does things differently. It works, and it feels so good. It feels like a breath of fresh air."

If entrepreneurs focused on building the right strategy and developing the right mindset, they would gain an advantage because they wouldn't spend time, energy and money on the gimmicks, tools and frameworks that don't matter. 

I spent years "building" my business online using gimmicks and tactics, "stacking" actions that only make a 1% impact on my business, without real results. I spent years trying different frameworks and tactics to realize they are just a small piece of a puzzle and that they will not work if you don't build foundations of your business, come up with a strategy and stick to it to make your business work. The gimmicks and latest tools and magic formulas change, but your strategic foundations are stable. If you only chase the latest gimmics, you're in the constant state of being busy applying new stuff, without the results.

The gimmicky online world is designed to make money for those who sell the gimmicks. 

The reason so many online entrepreneurs fail is that they focus on step 20 in building their business. They focus on things that - in a broader sense - don't make an impact. They choose to spend their time, effort and money on something that only produces 1% of the impact. They should be focusing on things that increase leverage, move the needle and drive their business forward instead of wasting their efforts on stuff that doesn't matter.

I finally "cracked the code." to success. It's not another magic formula. It's not a new tool.

It's looking at business from a strategic perspective. It's stepping back from the noise and designing growth strategy before jumping into action, before choosing social media platforms, webinars and other tools. It's building an effective business model instead of getting excited by a new shiny object that will waste your time and only have a 1% impact on your business growth. When you do that, when you start looking at your business from that perspective, you will realize you might not need "all that" what others are doing. You will understand that you can do things that have leverage in your business that bring exponential growth and can 2x - 3x your revenue vs 1% impact.

I believe that you will be successful:

  • When you stop paying attention to what doesn't matter - the shiny objects - you will get rid of the feeling of overwhelm and start doing things that bring results in your business.
  • When you stop paying attention to the noise, frameworks everyone sells, but they don't seem to work or don't feel right.
  • When you focus on what makes sense for you and your business instead of blindly following the crowd.

I'm on a mission to use my experience working with Fortune 500 companies and help others build their business online by focusing on strategy, on things that matter and on things that bring results. And my clients' results prove this approach works.

My name is Michal Koziol.

  • I believe in strategic thinking and strategic decision making.
  • I don't blindly follow the frameworks and gimmicks.
  • I challenge others to look at the business from a long-term, helicopter view perspective to gain clarity on the path they need to take and remove the overwhelm caused by the everyday hamster wheel, to-do lists, webinars and new tools.
  • I do what moves the needle, what increase leverage in business and what brings results and skip the latest, colorful, sexy tricks, hacks and tools

"Michal does things differently. It works, and it feels so good. It feels like a breath of fresh air."

What some of my clients have to say

"I have gained clarity and certainty of belief that I'm pouring energy into the right thing"

"I'm getting so much clarity on what next steps to take in my business and expert advice when making business decisions."

"I love the strategy, tools and mindset work that helps me get the results."

"As solo-preneurs we can feel kind of alone and having likeminded people to talk about business and life and how things are going is really important."

"I’ve had a major breakthrough in the last couple days."

"I made almost $5k in a week following your advice."

"I wasn't looking for a "guru." I was looking to transform my business and gain clarity on the actionable steps I need to take to level up and create a plan to do it. This program delivered. I'm on a strong course to 4x my revenue"





I help build effective business models and strategies 

Through my coaching and consulting, I help entrepreneurs and business owners get clarity on the best path to reach their goals. Sometimes it is a matter of analyzing how to improve their current business. Sometimes it is helping them figure out the best strategy to build a business or pivot. And sometimes it is helping them find a new business idea. 

I created The Revenue Masters framework that helps figure out the missing elements of the business and the best ways to fix any gaps or create new opportunities. 

There are 3 ways we can work together:

  • 1-1 coaching and consulting in the Revenue Masters Program
  • Group coaching in the Revenue Masters Program
  • Tailor-made consulting projects

Having worked with over 600 entrepreneurs allowed me to know what works and what doesn't.

Working with me, you won't see me recommend the "shovel-down-the-throat marketing" tactics and strategies. I won't recommend shiny objects just because they are "cool." I only recommend what works, what is aligned with you and your goals. 

Here's what I hear from my clients very often when they reach out to me for help:  

"I'm still trying to figure it all out, I've got a lot of knowledge but it is like puzzle pieces i'm trying to fit together. I'd always liked your advice and perhaps you might be the answer I need to getting things right."

I'm most effective working with

Established Businesses

I can help to look at your situation and come up with strategies and ideas that will fix your current bottlenecks. From business strategy to marketing strategy to full digital transformation of your business.

Online Solopreneurs

Know exactly what to sell, how to sell with the most effective strategy and a business model that works for you. Identify and double down on what moves the needle in your business. Meet likeminded people.

New Entrepreneurs

Are you currently employed (or recently left) but considering becoming your own boss and starting a business? There are replicable steps you should take to ensure you are building the right foundations.

Snippets from the Group and 1-1 Coaching Calls


I worked with over 600 entrepreneurs from various industries. Watch the below video for a mix of various testimonials or scroll down for individual testimonials.

"Over 1.5hrs consultation I was able to do what I have been trying to do for the last 2-3 years."

"Mike can build and implement a strategy for any business owner to become successful online" 

"My mind is blown away by what you can do with your business using these methods"

"What amazes me is Mike's depth of knowledge of marketing across all the platforms" 

"Only 3 tips I got from Mike were enough to get out of trouble"

"We had to pause the ads because the client could not keep up with the orders!"

"Mike is my go-to-guy when it comes to building funnels" 

"Learned so much about marketing in such a short time!"

"I implemented the recommendations and in the first month I made $12,000 in revenue"

I help deal with the following feeling:
"So many models to choose from. So many buzz words…. passive income, recurring revenue, bundles. And how do you ultimately choose what’s right for you and your goals/strategy? What’s really working/not working right now?"

Here's how it works

This can vary, depending on the form we choose to work together (coaching, consulting, group, Revenue Masters Program, 1-1 etc). But in general, we will meet online (Zoom) multiple times a month to discuss, in depth, your business situation. Each session is recorded and you and I will have action points as a result of the session. We are both working on your business. I'm there to help. 

It is NOT uncommon that you will have a breakthrough or an epiphany on the session or right after. I receive messages like this very often: 

"I’ve had a major breakthrough in the last couple days."

"It feels like a breakthrough, this hamster wheel was killing me!"

If you put what we discuss into action, you WILL see results. So we're clear, I am not promising anything. But I haven't met anyone who would not see the results after putting massive action into reaching their goals. My job is to show you exactly where to put that energy - your energy, your teams' energy, your business energy.

You will also get access to all my resources in the Revenue Masters Portal. You will go through the Revenue Masters Framework materials AND you will get complimentary access to EVERYTHING I create. All resources, tools and programs. 

What I can help with

My zone of genius is to quickly identify the gaps and bottlenecks that need fixing for you and your business to reach its highest potential. 

If you're just starting out, I will help you identify how to build a business from the idea you have. If you don't have an idea but want to or need to quit your 9-5 job and start your own business, I will help you find the business idea that suits you (read more here, if that is you). 

If you're a solopreneur or have a small team and you struggle with "getting to the next level", don't know how to make more money, don't know if and how to hire a team, struggle with choosing the best strategies and tools to move forward - I'm here to help.

If you are considering creating an online course or a 1-1 or group coaching program but need help figuring "this sh$t out" - that's what I do, I help figure it out. And them my clients send me a message like this "I can say that I feel even more clear now. " (Read more here or watch this)

If you have an established business 6-, 7-, 8- figures (it doesn't matter) and want to leverage the most effective strategies, maybe be more effective online, maybe move your business online or see how your team can be better at what they do - let's chat. I've consulted for the biggest names out there. Happy to help!

Note: Some people call me a business coach; some call me a business consultant. I've been named an accountability coach, business strategist for solopreneurs, mindset coach, funnel specialist, launch coach... It doesn't matter what they call me. What matters is I'm not here to sell you sh#t. I'm here to get your results.


Models and Framework. 

In my work, I build and use various models and frameworks. You can Google some of them, but for the most part, Google will send you back to this page, because I created the framework/model based on my experience working with all kinds of entrepreneurs. Tens of hours of work and tens of thousands of dollars in training went into this. 

Some of the models I use

The Revenue Masters Framework 

Gain clarity on your next steps, choose the best models, do what brings results

Inverted Value Ladder

Focus on what brings the revenue, not on the shiny objects

The Hourglass Brand Building Model

How to build a personal brand online and make money

The Gold Pyramid

Define your business strategy and develop a business model


Identify what is holding you and your business back

DaVinci Scoring

Use your and your team's best talents to reach your goals

"I run multiple 7- figures businesses. Michal is a gun. Work with him now!"

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