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“In over 1.5 hours of consulting, I was able to do what I have been trying to do for the last 2-3 years."


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15+ Years of Problem-Solving

Business Improvement Planning

I develop an execution-oriented strategy that filters out inefficient processes and excess spending. Your company gains organization and direction. 

360-Degree Audit

I assess fund allocation within vital areas within your business’ framework. You gain peace of mind in your growth and spending habits.

Product/Service Innovation

I support your product development from its early stages to the international market. Your company gains structure and marketing expertise. 

Strategic Plans

I develop strategic plans that help reach company goals and improve profitability. I analyze existing business strategies and provide recommendations for improvements.

Build and scale your online business.

Join hundreds of successful online business owners. Every week you'll get 1 actionable tip to build and scale your online business. No weird hacks or gimmicks. I'm sharing actionable and practical knowledge and tips you can implement today to see the results. 

Some examples of results my subscribers achieve:

  • Going from $20k/mo to $100k/mo in 10 months
  • Moving away from 60-hour weeks to working 20 hours in a week and doubling the revenue
  • Increasing profit margin from 20% to 35% in 6 weeks
  • Building a consulting a $250k/year consulting business with 86% profit margin
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Impactful Results

Marketing Agency Start-up: Doubled Profits within 10 months

Client Goals

  1. Double revenue without doubling operation size.
  2. Allocate tasks for hands-off company management.
  3. Service expansion into target market.


  • Conduct a Revenue Masters Review Strategy Audit. 
  • Implement the Leaky Bucket Model and Tesla Beta Program Model for product launch.
  • Reorganize business structure for smooth staff integration.
  • Increase pricing with new offerings and value initiatives. 


  • Doubled revenue in 10 months during COVID time.
  • Launched a new product/service that produced a secondary income stream.
  • The CEO was able to reallocate their time to top-level tasks, rather than daily operations.

Ecommerce Growth Consulting Startup: A new, profitable business unit in 2 months.

Client Goals

  1. Stabilize their current operations to achieve higher profit margins.
  2. Cease the sales cycle of “breaking” the operations and slowing down the growth.
  3. Efficiency-proof the delivery of their services and inefficiencies in their sales due to the need to focus on fixing the operational issues. 


  • Review current company practices to determine areas of improvement.
  • Implement the Perfect P&L model,
  • Traffic Lights Client Assessment model,
  • Revenue Masters Pricing strategy.
  • Optimize the organizational chart and processes by ensuring the right people are doing the right work.
  • Redesign the pricing structure and marketing processes to focus on highly-profitable types of clients and projects.
  • Conduct a current market analysis to determine opportunity of service expansion.


  • Restructured the organizational chart ; improved efficiency and profitability.
  • Oversaw a new business unit to full fruition within two months; from ideation/implementation to selling said services to new clients.
  • The new business unit has been profitable since day one (goal was 6 months) with a 70% profit margin. 

A Physical Product Startup:A successful product launch, a fresh go-to-market strategy, and international expansion. entering an international market

Client Goals

  1. Identify the best product for their existing audience and help execute the launch.
  2. Sustainably scale the team.
  3. Keep the profit margins as lean as possible while scaling and launching new products
    Maintain dependable and consistent quality in products and services.


  • Map strategic goals and identify growth opportunities.
  • Supervise a go-to-market launch of the first online product: website design, pricing strategy, product production and offerings.
  • Coordinate bundle and wholesale pricing, positioning and distribution strategies; increase the AOV and LTV of the product/client.
  • Improve shipping, logistics processes, and marketing.


  • Profitable operations within 3 months from product launch.
  • Developed a 5-product family of products available to sell worldwide within 12 months.
  • Set up a distribution center in Europe.
  • Cleaned up organizational structure which boomed profitability. 

Hi, I’m Mike Koziol.

I’m your boots-on-the-ground, no BS business consultant with a proven track record of building company success.

Clients call me to determine what’s working and what’s broken in their business so they don’t waste spending and resources.

Who wouldn’t want to maximize their organizational workflow, save precious time, and cut excess costs?

Clients describe me as: “a breath of fresh air”, “a bit of a psychic,” and “the best decision of the year.”

How I work



We start by analyzing your current situation - financials, sales, team setup, team performance, marketing, organizational setup.



We recommend solutions tailored to your goals and experience you want to have from running your business. You receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings and practical recommendations.



We help you execute the plan we recommended. We will work with your team or help you hire a new one. We will ensure the project is delivered on time and achieves the promised results.

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